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Hér eiga sér stað samskipti á netinu milli sérfræðinga og einstaklinga sem leggja fyrir þá spurningar í sambandi við umhverfisáhrif og erfðaáhrif á líkurnar á brjóstakrabbameini. Dæmi um spurningar og svör:

  • Does hair dye, lipstick, makeup, or house cleaning detergent cause breast cancer? What about canned goods that have chemicals that mimic estrogen? I wash my veggies in a vinegar wash and I am not sure if this does anything to stop the effects of harmful pesticides. HELP. Answer.
  • Could the x-rays women are exposed to and the compression during mammograms be an environmental element that could contribute to women getting breast cancer? Answer.
  • I am almost 18 years out from a single mastectomy of pretty well-established inherited breast cancer. I have three daughters, the oldest now coming into the "subtract 10 years from initial diagnosis" range. Is there anything else that I can do for my girls besides self-breast exams and digital mammograms or ultrasounds? Answer.
  • My sister, my grandmother, and one aunt have died from breast cancer. I have had a non-cancerous lump removed. Should I have my girls (ages 16 and 14) tested? What does the genetic test entail? Answer.
  • Having read about artificial estrogens, I store everything in glass containers rather than plastic. I heard that cooking or freezing in plastic can release carcinogens (dioxin?) into the food. And what about fumes from gas heating and cooking? What about plastic water bottles? Answer.

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